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Post Conference Workshop

Post conference workshops are organized to update on the modern techniques of Vastu on 29th & 30th Oct, 2012.

The workshops will include following topics:

Workshop No.1
Air quality is essential to global well being. Standard of air quality, its measurement and maintenance will be covered in this work shop.


Workshop No.2
Measurement of Electro Magnetic Fields and radiations from Building Materials. Number of instruments have been developed for measurement of natural & built energies like Get Geo magneto meter for earth radiation, Elerginco for Air quality, Rad-alert for building materials, Electro stress meter for body voltage etc. The workshop will guide to use these modern techniques.

Workshop No.3
Training of Lecher Antenna instrument and study of ACMOS principle: Lecher antenna is a vital tool for vasco and feng shui practitioners in finding out energies prevailing in environment, balancing bio-energies & vastu corrections. Training on use of other instruments like Biofeedback energy testing instrument, Acmopol etc. will also be given during the workshop.

Workshop No.4
Balancing Environmental and Human energy by Colours and Sound / music etc.: Various colours have their own unique effect on environment and man. Aura of man & material is depicted in spectrum of colours. Training will include balancing of environment & human energy by colours.



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