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Technical Session


Paper Presentation during Technical Sessions


26th Oct. 2012
Technical Session I
Chair Person - Prof. H. S. Mehta
Co-Chair Person - Dr. Rohit Ganatra
Reporteur - Dr. Amaresh Mehta

i)    Dr. Christopher J. Bell, presented his paper on Building Biology, a complementry science to vastu. He stressed upon going beyond green describing the rain barrel analogy, air quality in the built environment, water issues in buildings, building materials, fire elements, AC Electric fields and related these building biology concepts with vastu science.

ii)   Prof. Dame Dr. Meher Master Moos, the second speaker elaborated about need for a vastu council (Establish by act of parliament) for globalizing ancient Indian wisdom of Vastu Shastra. Its in depth science need to be recognized and taught with proper curriculum in higher studies.


Technical Session II
Chair Person - Prof. Dame Dr. Meher Master Moose
Co-Chair Person - Dr. Kiran Shinde
Reporteur - Dr. Sukumaran

i)    Er. V. K. Agrawal described about how philosophy of Vastu is connecting to nature. He described placement of Vastu Purush Mandal and Panchtatwa as applicable in the North and South quadrants.

ii)  Col. Tejendra Pal Tyagi depicted scientific logics to prove that wearing golden ornaments is harmful to our body as the metal conducts the natural and unnatural electric field from environment to our body disrupting our own electromagnetic field.

iii)  Dr. M. K. Ozha described that sound energy can balance Environmental Energy. We can improve energy of our chakras by sound therapy. Pop music creates sound pollution & disturbs our mental peace.

iv)  Ar. Rina Agrawal stressed upon need to consider MAN while creating the microclimate, formed by materials. These materials have energy radiations which impact the human energy fields. This research outcome was supported by energy imaging slides showing impact.

v)    Ar. C. M. Dharmalingam explained his analysis on role of trees and plants forming energy impacts on the shape of the plot. He described that as the tree grows bigger its placement can energetically change the shape of even a rectangular or square plot forming reductions/extensions.

vi)  Dr. Pankaj Agrawal- demonstrated an eye opening research showing that every portion of the house is related to an organ of the body. He presented case studies in which by measuring energy of a person using Bio-feed back instrument, the deficiency of energy in particular organ/ part of body was determined and co-related with the deficiency in the related portion of the house.


27th Oct. 2012
Technical Session III
Chair Person - Shri. Manoj Juyal
Co-Chair Person - Dr. Hari Shankar Gupta
Reporteur - Mr. Pawan K. Goyal

i)    Dr. John Rogerson presented his study on the impact of creating environmental stress, electro smog and pollution which develops stress in human being. This analysis can be seen by Energy Field Imaging technique.

ii)  Dr. Anish Shah described about human energy system which interacts with environmental energies. To balance these energies he presented various therapies using lecher Antenna and finding out compatibility called body shielding.

iii)   Er. Anshul Agrawal targeted on radiation from mobile phones, its effects and remedy. He gave description of mobile phones emitting negative energy, harmful to man, and remedy for balancing them.

iv)   Mr. Vishal Porwal presented research paper jointly prepared with Prof. Mehta on ‘Green building construction in India and contribution of Artificial Intelligence in energy conservation.’


Technical Session IV
In this session Vice Chancellor of Maharshi Vedic University, Brahamchari Dr. Girish Chandra Verma took the delegates on a journey through science and spirituality of vastu in his calm and soothing manner. He also extended his kind invitation to organise next conference at their centre ‘Brahmasthan’ during 2014.


Technical Session V
Chair Person - Er. V. K. Agrawal
Co-Chair Person - Ar. Amogh K. Gupta
Reporteur - Dr. V. Sukumaran

i)    Ms. Malini Karani explained the concept of Vastu Shastra with scientific reasoning which gives an architect the liberty to enhance the design of building accordingly.

ii)   Dr. Hari Shankar Gupta came up with simple fengshui techniques to make the internal environment friendly to man and nature. He explained use of energy of space which need to be positive.

iii) Dr. Mannem Murthy described the secret of crystal energies useful in balancing the five elements and demonstrated universal scanner instrument for scanning and quantifying energy.
iv) Dr. Amaresh Mehta described energy dynamics of chakras and its vastu connection to space.  This relation will help in resolving health issues by correcting energy of place.

v)   Dr. Debashish K. Roy- presented several case studies describing the corrective measures using energy concept in built spaces, for vastu defects.


Technical Session VI
Chair Person - Dr. Ashish Dongre
Co-Chair Person - Ar. Anil Mohta
Reporteur -      Dr. M. K. Ozha

i)    Shri Manoj Juyal, in his paper Prashna Shastra and Vastu, he described how negative energy plot and auspious plot can be found out by items recovered in earth excavation using prashna Shastra or Horary Astrology.

ii)   Shashank Veerkar explained the existence of energy in human body, i.e. yogshastra is the amalgamation of five elements which is also the basic principle of vastu shastra.

iii)  Ms. Bhavna Bagga, with the help of several interesting examples described the applied science of Bio-mimicry in which the architectural designs mimick the design from nature using its benefits in obtaining sustainable energy efficient and environmentally intelligent buildings.

iv)  Ms. Dhara Patel, described about how thoughts effect the personality of a man and energy of the environment. Sound and words are like weapons and impact the emotional and psychic level of human consciousness.


28th Oct. 2012
Technical Session VII
Chair Person - Mr. Hemendra Baveshi
Co-Chair Person - Dr. Surendra Kapoor
Reporteur -      Er. Sonal Goyal

i)    Dr. Y. N. Maggirwar, presented Pancha Shirsha Sthaapanaa Vidhi, a remedial measure for eradication of faults in respect to ‘marma sthan’ in Vastu using rangoli, Yantra and havankund as per Shilp Ratna and Vastu Vidhya.
ii)   Mr. Avinash Kulkarni, stressed upon shielding human body (having its own electric & magnetic fields) from geopathic stress using leg bracelets.

iii)  Er. Manoj S. Nair, explained the philosophy of concepts of vaastu shastra including concept of vastu purush and its scientific approach.

iv)  Dr. Archana Mehakarkar, described the remedies for balancing negative energy of land using vedic vastu principles, yantra, mantra and crystals.

Technical Session VIII
Chair Person    -           Dr. C. P. Agrawal
Co-Chair Person -       Jeetu Bhai Patel
Reporteur -      Mr. Adesh Poddar

i)    Dr. Surendra Kapoor, spoke about environment consciousness in ancient India, quoting various vedic mantras. He elaborated that ancient India had consciousness about well being of not only human beings but also of trees, animals, forest, etc. respecting the  environment and forces of nature providing us with life energy.

ii)   Pawan K. Goyal, emphasised that balance  of five elements produces bio-electric energy in body. With positive approach, deeds and thoughts, one can achieve success in life.

iii)  Dr. Pawan Keshan, described about importance of placement of gate and explained method to make them energetic and positive.

iv) Mr. Sushil Saboo, presented vastu placements for energetic kitchen, a source of food, clothes and peace.

v)   Er. Rajendra K. Jain, presented use of mercury for balancing geopathic stress in a plot.



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